After years of teaching with these fundamentals as the basis of her work, Barb has finally put them on paper and made them accessible in The Essential Curriculum.

The book outlines positive steps for creating a warm, accepting environment that fosters individual growth, accepts the unique inherent talents within each person and enables people to achieve their potential. The essence of the book has been used as the foundation for teaching classes, administering schools, mentoring, and giving courses and seminars for many years, and now it is available in book form.

The book is available either as an ebook or in hard copy as a softcover.


Excerpt from The Essential Curriculum

The essential curriculum holds the message of true self-esteem, empowerment, and resiliency: to simply know from inside “I can, I will, I know.” It creates school communities where students develop in their wholeness—academically, emotionally, artistically, physically, socially, and in moral character. It unfetters thoughts and frees people to live stable and secure lives, in service of others.

Believe that change is possible. Know that a change in consciousness leads to a change in thinking and subsequently to a change in reality. In a loving, caring, and compassionate environment filled with virtuous and positive feelings, people grow and flourish. In such a place there are no throwaway people, only potential in a variety of disguises.

Consider opening yourself to a new way of viewing education. Think how incredible it will be to offer young people safe havens in which to be truly successful human beings.

The time is now.
The solution is here.
People are waiting.
The world needs this hope.